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Indian Spices

Wholesaler Of High-Quality Spices

Order by 3pm for next day working delivery. Free UK Mainland delivery for orders above £100

Tradespice is one of the leading wholesale suppliers of premium spices in the UK.

Our high-quality products are exclusively designed for restaurants, hotels, and caterers.

We take pride in offering an extensive range of ground spices, including ground white pepper, ground black pepper, ground red chilli powder, ground garlic powder, ground ginger powder, ground turmeric powder, ground cumin powder, and ground coriander powder in 5kg bags.

About Us

At Tradespice, we aim to provide high-quality spices to the hospitality industry at competitive prices. We import our spices directly from India through a carefully established network of reputable spice processing companies. Once they arrive at our storage facility, they are meticulously quality and safety checked before being dispatched to restaurants, hotels and caterers across the UK.  

Why trust us?

Quality - Our spices are more expensive than retail branded products in the supermarket. However, you'll end up using smaller quantities of spice in your cooking compared to branded spice bags, as our spices are more potent.

Freshness - A minimum of 12 months of shelf life means you're sure to get the most out of your bulk purchase
Bulk sizes - We supply our spices in 5kg bags, typically not in supermarkets or cash and carries.
Convenience - Place your order online today and deliver it the next working day. You can easily re-order items.

Credit accounts - Regular customers can access payment terms with us.



Determining spice quality

Determining the quality of a spice involves assessing various factors such as freshness, aroma, flavour, appearance, and sourcing. Here are some steps you can take to evaluate the quality of a spice:

  • Purchase from reputable sources: Buy spices from trusted vendors, ideally those known for their high-quality products. Speciality spice stores, reputable brands, or organic suppliers are often good options.

  • Check for freshness: Freshness is crucial for spices. Look for spices that are labelled with a production or expiration date. If possible, choose whole spices over pre-ground ones, as they tend to retain their flavour and aroma longer.

  • Assess the aroma: Open the container and take a sniff. The spice should have a strong, distinct aroma that is characteristic of the particular spice. If the scent is weak or musty, it may indicate poor quality or loss of flavour.

  • Observe the colour and appearance: Spices should have vibrant colours that are characteristic of their type. For example, saffron should have a deep red colour, while turmeric should be bright yellow. If the colour appears faded or dull, it may indicate lower quality or age.

  • Consider the texture: Some spices, such as cinnamon or nutmeg, may come in stick or whole form. Assess the texture by breaking or grinding a small piece. It should be firm, not brittle or excessively soft.

  • Taste the spice: If possible, sample a small amount of the spice to evaluate its flavour. The taste should be potent, distinct, and characteristic of the spice. It should not be stale, bland, or have any off-flavours.

  • Assess packaging and storage: The quality of the packaging can influence the freshness of the spice. Look for spices stored in airtight containers or packaging that protects them from light, moisture, and air. Proper storage conditions help maintain the spice's quality.

  • Research the sourcing: Some spices, such as saffron, vanilla, or certain peppers, have specific geographical origins that can affect their quality and flavour. Learn about the sourcing practices and origin of the spice to ensure it meets your expectations.

Remember, personal preferences and intended use also play a role in determining the quality of a spice. It's essential to trust your senses and rely on reliable sources to make informed decisions when selecting spices for your culinary needs.

Bulk Sourcing 

Cost savings: Purchasing spices in bulk often results in significant cost savings compared to buying smaller quantities. Bulk purchases eliminate the need for individual packaging and reduce the associated costs. You can often find wholesale or bulk pricing options that offer better value for money.

Convenience and availability: Buying spices in bulk ensures that you have a sufficient supply on hand for your culinary needs. You won't run out of spices frequently, saving you time and effort spent on frequent grocery store visits. It is particularly beneficial if you use certain spices frequently or if you run a restaurant or catering business.

Customizable portioning: When you buy spices in bulk, you have the flexibility to portion and package them according to your needs. You can divide them into smaller containers or bags, making it easier to access and use when cooking. This allows you to have better control over the quantity of spices used and reduces the chances of wastage.

Fresher spices: Purchasing spices in bulk allows you to obtain fresher products. Instead of buying pre-packaged spices that may have been sitting on store shelves for extended periods, bulk purchases often come directly from the source or are freshly packaged. This ensures that you have access to spices with better flavor, aroma, and potency, meaning you'll end up using smaller quantities each time.
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